Rebecca Skeels

Director, Marcato Direct UK

Rebecca is from Leicestershire in England and after leaving school she embarked upon a career in sales. The role as a Sales Representative led her to Europe when the need arose to visit suppliers. Numerous trips to Italy resulted in a growing interest in wine and the meeting of Enrico Marcato during a wine tasting at the Marcato Winery.

It was soon identified that there was an opportunity to work together, ideas were exchanged and Marcato Direct was born.

Rebecca spent 3 years living in Italy and working alongside Enrico to gain valuable experience and to make the first steps with the new project. Starting Marcato Direct took Rebecca’s work experience back to basics as she started the daunting task of creating everything from scratch.

3 years in and the hard work has started to pay off; Marcato Direct is slowly becoming known for their quality wines and accessible route to market. With the support of our wine producers, we are giving some of Italy’s finest produce to our valued customers.

Rebecca Skeels +44.7900.115372